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About Us

Why choose us?


When you buy from us, quality will never be a concern!

Unlike many of our competitors, our main focus when selecting products to sell on our website is the quality and functionality. We have an extremely high standard of quality and price that must be met before we will agree to sell a product on our website. All products undergo rigorous testing before they are presented on our website to ensure they work properly, are of the highest quality, and available at a great price.


We only sell what we know, technology products that make a difference!

Welcome to a company that sells one thing and one thing only, technology products. Many companies carry any type of product they can buy and resell, many times without having any idea of how the product works, the quality, or usefulness. Here at One World Tech Products, we would rather be experts on a unique selection of quality tech products, handpicked by us, instead of carrying thousands of products we know nothing about. We will always remain focused on technology products and our customers will never have to worry about having to navigate through a myriad of non related products, when all they were looking for was a cable or charger.


Our customers are our marketing department!

We are so confident in the unique quality products that we carry that we rely on our customers to provide our advertising. We believe that great products along with happy satisfied customers bring us the greatest value. Instead of spending thousands on advertising to the general public, we would rather use that money to provide specials to our loyal customers.

Daniel Murillo        daniel@OneWorldTechProducts.com


  As CEO of One World Tech Products, I welcome emails directly from customers with any questions or concerns they may have. I am proud to have served in the United States Army as a Signal Systems Support Specialist Paratrooper, and I use that experience and the lessons I learned while serving to form the culture at One World Tech Products. We will always be forward facing and available to our customers.

Our company mission statement enforces that attitude:

 "To provide our customers with such unique high quality technology products at a fair price, that our customers will want to tell everybody they know about us. We will strive to personally address any questions or concerns from our customers in the fastest time possible."  



As todays generation grows up surrounded by technology, we find that many of our most enthusiastic fans are students in Junior High and High School. Please contact us to discuss the various options we can provide your school for fundraising campaigns. 1-909-231-4231