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During the day, everything you touch has bacteria on its surface. Grocery carts, restroom door handles, gas pumps, doorknobs, pens, mobile phones, keys, and even other people are a source for germs and bacteria. Personal items that we carry around every day are a petri dish for things such as Covid-19, E-Coli, Salmonella, and many more types of bacteria and viruses. Now you can eliminate all those germs and bacteria in minutes with the One World Tech Products Portable UV Sterilizer box!

A recent study found Pathogenic Bacteria on 80% of children's toys tested. Even more frightening, cell phones carry up to 18 times more harmful bacteria than a door handle of a public restroom. Using UV light to eliminate 99.9% of these bacteria and germs within minutes and eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals such as bleach or ammonia which are potentially dangerous and can cause more harm than good. 

The One World Tech Products Portable UV sterilizer box KILLS up to 99.9% of all the germs and bacteria that we pick up throughout the day and transfer onto our personal belongings. Sterilizing items such as keys, cell phone, remotes, wallets, and any other item touched throughout the day is just as helpful to keeping healthy as constantly washing hands.

All of our sterilizer boxes can be powered by a portable backup battery, eliminating the need for a wall outlet plug in.

Great for Kids: Make sure kids stay germ and bacteria free, in just 5 minutes easily sterilize pens, markers, toys, and stationary. 

Great for Beauty Products: Sterilize your beauty products before and after use so items such as lip stick, mascara, lip liner, eye liner pens, and all other make up and beauty products are always germ free.

Great for Jewelry: Will not damage any type of jewelry and can be used to sterilize rings, earrings, watches, and any other product that is worn or pierced into your body.

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